I really feel proud that i belong to Eklavya family. I really appreciate the efforts of teachers that they put to make sure that we end up as responsible adults. I might have received education at other institutions but I don't think that the bond i shared with my teachers juniors as well as seniors would have been possible there. I m glad that each one my educators supported me when i needed them and i am certain that they will continue to do so. So thank you teachers
Parmeet Kaur
Alumni (2021-22)
Class 12th
Being at EKLAVYA is the best thing that happened to me in my life till now.... It has always been a rapture to be here... It all started back when I was in nursery... Having those amazing friends and bewildering teachers was the best part than studies😂 I just can't thank enough what Eklavya has shaped me into... It has always been an honour to be the part of THE EKLAVYAN FAMILY. My school life prepared me to develop good habits as well as right and rational thinking. It made me duty-bound and obedient. Respect for teachers and elders is my abiding faith. Eklavya has always provided me with every opportunity... And has always taught 'opportunities don't come to you. ... One has to go grab it at every point'. I still remember our class complaining about being in different sections till 7th standard... And then we were all together from 8th standard.... Our class has been amongst the most mischievous classes in our school... Teachers still say to us that they will not get this type of batch ever in the school.... We would always be in the humorous and funny mode... Not focus on studies in the class.... And would always get scolded.... I remember back then in class 10th.... Teachers would be scolding us and one of us would crack a random joke, making the teacher laugh as well.... It would happen every single day. Our class was named THE ZOO by our one of the most favourite teachers in the school-Ms. Bhawna Bhatt. I do remember, we were all having fun in the children's park... When our ex-principle Ms. Dimpal Sharma saw us... We all ran to our class from the opposite side and sat like nothing at all happened.... She too was laughing at us😂 And then we all got separated again in class 11th .... Not by our hearts but by streams... Then this covid struck us😭 Ruining our 2nd last year at school... I had planned bunking classes at school in this year... But it never happened... Lol😂 And when the school finally was re-opened after covid.... We were again together once again for the last year of the school.... Half of the time we were found in the school ground... And finding of which would get teachers scolded by the principle😂 and other half time, the commerce section would ne in science section or the science section would be in commerce section having fun and causing troublesome😂😂 I'm so thankful that we got our farewell by God's grace and because of our teachers- Ms. Komal Arora, Ms. Bhawna, Ms. Rita, Ms. Sunita Khanna, Ms. Rajwinder Kaur Our class said them to give us farewell every single day every single hour... We literally ate their heads up begging for farewell😂😂 It has been a journey full of fun, laugh, mesmerizing and full of memories at Eklavya School... I'll always miss my school life... Being in a school is a very ordinary thing... But being at EKLAVYA SCHOOL made something special about it. I'll miss my teachers more than my friends... And I'll always be visiting here.... Waiting for alumni meets...
Lakshita Joshi
Alumni (Session 2021-22)
Class 12th
Being in eklavya for 14 years is the best journey of my life and I proudly say that I am an eklavyan. A special thanks to our director Ms. Seema Handa who hold a substantial contribution in the success I have achieved and created plenty of opportunities for all of us which escalted our intelligence in addition to moral ethics. Her profound knowledge about education succour each and every student .Thanks to all the teachers of my school who encouraged me to perform well and breeded confidence in me due to which I was able to score 90% in board examination and 40/40 in English term 2 board exam . As I was a child who refused to opt tutions so it was challenging for me ,my mentors of school are accountable for my score . Bhawna mam,rita mam , rajwinder mam, monica mam and the list goes on are the best people. They taught me in the best possible way and cleared my queries in the class . The motivation to participate in competitions made me voluble and self confident . A big thanks to the eklavya family for being cooperative, friendly , preventing atychiphobia in me and augmenting my personality as well as knowledge . ❤️❤️
Gurneet Kaur
Alumni (Session 2021-22)
Class 12th
Studying at Eklavya school has been one of the best experiences in my life. I gained a lot - in terms of both confidence and practical skills. The diverse facilities and dedicated faculty helped me discover several unexplored facets of my personality and I would recommend this school to all the parents who genuinely want to see their child shine*best experiences of my life.....
Arshnoor Walia
Alumna congratulating comments for EKLAVYA SCHOOL being in Future 50 Schools all over India
Class Pursuing Business Administration (Human Resource Management) at University of the Frazer Valley, Canada.
Hard work always pays off. Congratulations to all the students, teachers and alumni for this achievement.Proud to be a part of Eklavya family👍
Amandeep Singh
Alumnus congratulating comments for EKLAVYA SCHOOL being in Future 50 Schools all over India
Class Pursuing Business Administration from Algonquin College Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Proud of eklavya this school has given me the best experiences and has made my school memories the best i always wish the best for this school i m happy i had a chance to be a part of eklavya ❤
Amarjit Kaur
Alumna congratulating comments for EKLAVYA SCHOOL being in Future 50 Schools all over India
Class Pursuing Diploma in Kinesiology from college of New Caledonia Canada
I’m feeling so proud to see Eklavya School in top 50 schools in India. I would like to congralute all the teachers and the students for this success.
Alumnus congratulating comments for EKLAVYA SCHOOL being in Future 50 Schools all over India
Class Pursuing Computer Information Systems Course from Polytechnic University , Surrey Bc Canada
I thank all my teachers for supporting me throughout my school life😊
Gurpinder Singh
Alumnus congratulating comments for EKLAVYA SCHOOL being in Future 50 Schools all over India
Class Pursuing Civil Engineering Course from Daviet, Jalandhar
All the years I spent had been full of knowledge, fun and much more..... Blessed to be a part of Eklavya family❤
Shivani Gaur
Alumna congratulating comments for EKLAVYA SCHOOL being in Future 50 Schools all over India
Class Pursuing B.Sc in Animation, VFX & Gaming specialization course from Chandigarh University
Alumni congratulating comments for EKLAVYA SCHOOL being in Future 50 Schools all over India. It feels great to be part of Eklavya family. Congratulations to all teachers and students for such a wonderful achievement
Alumni congratulating comments for EKLAVYA SCHOOL being in Future 50 Schools all over India. I’m really overwhelmed to see Eklavya school in top 50 schools in India. I feel lucky to be a part of Eklavya family. I hope to see Eklavya school on the top of the list one day. I congratulate all the teachers and students of Eklavya school. Proud to be an Eklavyan.
Alumni congratulating comments for EKLAVYA SCHOOL being in Future 50 Schools all over India. "A hearty congratulations to all the teachers and students! It's an amazing feat and it's heartening to see years of hard work paying off!"
Eklavya School is an amazing school. My journey with Ekalvya began with my hunt for finding a play way school for Saranya. Since then it’s been a beautiful journey. Sarnya has flourished into an independent, confident and a happy child. If I have ever had any problem it has been dealt promptly and efficiently. I wish luck and success to Eklavya and Eklavyans.
Dr.Vandana & Dr. Sanjay Pal
Parents of Saranya
Class 1st
There are various schools in our city but I have selected ‘EKLAVYA SCHOOL’ for my children. I got so much influenced from the name of the school that I selected this school for my children. Today my son Devansh is in 6th Std and my daughter Latika is in LKG. They are in Eklavya School since very beginning and have not faced any problem in studies till date. When I got my son admitted into this school, I was told that he will not feel any need for tuitions and it’s true also. The educators in this school are friendly with the children so that the child does not hesitate in asking anything from his teacher. In order to know a child and understand his psychology, counseling is done by the teachers. The school is providing well equipped and safe buses for the children. All the bus drivers, conductors and helpers are fully trained and cooperative. The school provides various opportunities to the children in the form of inter school and intra school competitions. Various programs are also conducted for the parents and sometimes the parents are also invited as the Chief Guests. Various workshops by the professionals are conducted in the school for the students as well as for the parents. I have no words to write about the Manager and the Principal of the school who always welcome the parents with a big smile on their faces. They listen to the problems very patiently and try to solve in every possible way. I really feel lucky as whenever I have gone to them with my problem, they have always solved it. I am not at all worried about the future of my children because of EKLAVYA SCHOOL.
Dr. Parmod Kumar and Mrs. Balwinder Kaur
Parents of Devansh and Latika
Class 6th and LKG
For my daughter’s admission, I went to 3-4 schools. However my search ended when I reached Eklavya School. I was impressed by the behaviour of the staff, the decorum of the school & the site of the school. Eklavya School is situated in the heart of Jalandhar city but is still away from the busy places like market/commercial areas and traffic. The behaviour of the School Manager, the Class Teacher & the School Administration is very polite and approachable to the parents. Eklavya School cares for the child in every aspect- the transportation is good, the children are made to participate in Inter School Competitions and in many other activities. Timely physical & medical checkup of the students is organized by the school. The teachers use easy & interesting way to teach the students. Visits to different types of informative /historical places like Science City, Geeta Mandir, Virasat e Khalsa, Nehru Garden etc. are organized. The best thing about the school is that it celebrates all the special days which are related to different religions and social values. The school arranges workshops for the parents and students time to time on current themes/topics. So we feel proud that our child is studying in Eklavya School.
Mr. Kuldip Singh and Mrs. Nisha Rani
Parents of Deepshikha Kashyap
Class U.K.G.
I joined Eklavya School, Jalandhar in 11th Std. because I wanted to study in a CBSE affiliated school. I like everything about my school. I love the teachers of Eklavya School because they always encourage my desire to learn and do better. The teachers ensure that every student gives his best. Even I can clear all my doubts in any subject in the school without having tuitions because the teachers give proper time to each and every student. I also like my school's project based learning. The activities and the workshops held in the school are really very helpful as I get a lot to learn from them.  Also, in my previous school, I never participated in sports activities but in this school, I do participate in sports because the teachers always encourage me to take part in sports. In this school, cultivation of wisdom and reflection is encouraged. Here, I got the environment where I could improve my spoken English. My confidence in speaking English has increased just because of the competitions held in the school. The location of the school is also very good. So I really feel happy to be a part of this school.  Thanks.
Gursimran Kaur
Class 12th Non-Medical
I am studying in Eklavya School since 1st Std. It is my 12th year in this school and the experience till date has been great! I was initially very shy and reserved. I also didn’t have much confidence. But my school gave me exposure and pushed me to try everything. Gradually, I gained confidence & started participating and volunteering for activities. In the school, I shed many fears and developed various interests. I overcame my stage fear gradually when I started participating in debates, declamations etc. I now feel confident while I’m on stage and I thank my school and my teachers for this change in me. I have also been presented with multiple opportunities of participating in various Inter School Competitions. The teachers have always been supportive and still support me whenever I need help and guidance. In the end, I would like to say that I am fortunate that I got my Education from Eklavya School, Jalandhar where I have spent the best years of my life.
Class 12th Std.
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