Eklavya School is an amazing school. My journey with Ekalvya began with my hunt for finding a play way school for Saranya. Since then it’s been a beautiful journey. Sarnya has flourished into an independent, confident and a happy child. If I have ever had any problem it has been dealt promptly and efficiently. I wish luck and success to Eklavya and Eklavyans.
Dr.Vandana & Dr. Sanjay Pal
Parents of Saranya
Class 1st
There are various schools in our city but I have selected ‘EKLAVYA SCHOOL’ for my children. I got so much influenced from the name of the school that I selected this school for my children. Today my son Devansh is in 6th Std and my daughter Latika is in LKG. They are in Eklavya School since very beginning and have not faced any problem in studies till date. When I got my son admitted into this school, I was told that he will not feel any need for tuitions and it’s true also. The educators in this school are friendly with the children so that the child does not hesitate in asking anything from his teacher. In order to know a child and understand his psychology, counseling is done by the teachers. The school is providing well equipped and safe buses for the children. All the bus drivers, conductors and helpers are fully trained and cooperative. The school provides various opportunities to the children in the form of inter school and intra school competitions. Various programs are also conducted for the parents and sometimes the parents are also invited as the Chief Guests. Various workshops by the professionals are conducted in the school for the students as well as for the parents. I have no words to write about the Manager and the Principal of the school who always welcome the parents with a big smile on their faces. They listen to the problems very patiently and try to solve in every possible way. I really feel lucky as whenever I have gone to them with my problem, they have always solved it. I am not at all worried about the future of my children because of EKLAVYA SCHOOL.
Dr. Parmod Kumar and Mrs. Balwinder Kaur
Parents of Devansh and Latika
Class 6th and LKG
For my daughter’s admission, I went to 3-4 schools. However my search ended when I reached Eklavya School. I was impressed by the behaviour of the staff, the decorum of the school & the site of the school. Eklavya School is situated in the heart of Jalandhar city but is still away from the busy places like market/commercial areas and traffic. The behaviour of the School Manager, the Class Teacher & the School Administration is very polite and approachable to the parents. Eklavya School cares for the child in every aspect- the transportation is good, the children are made to participate in Inter School Competitions and in many other activities. Timely physical & medical checkup of the students is organized by the school. The teachers use easy & interesting way to teach the students. Visits to different types of informative /historical places like Science City, Geeta Mandir, Virasat e Khalsa, Nehru Garden etc. are organized. The best thing about the school is that it celebrates all the special days which are related to different religions and social values. The school arranges workshops for the parents and students time to time on current themes/topics. So we feel proud that our child is studying in Eklavya School.
Mr. Kuldip Singh and Mrs. Nisha Rani
Parents of Deepshikha Kashyap
Class U.K.G.
I joined Eklavya School, Jalandhar in 11th Std. because I wanted to study in a CBSE affiliated school. I like everything about my school. I love the teachers of Eklavya School because they always encourage my desire to learn and do better. The teachers ensure that every student gives his best. Even I can clear all my doubts in any subject in the school without having tuitions because the teachers give proper time to each and every student. I also like my school's project based learning. The activities and the workshops held in the school are really very helpful as I get a lot to learn from them.  Also, in my previous school, I never participated in sports activities but in this school, I do participate in sports because the teachers always encourage me to take part in sports. In this school, cultivation of wisdom and reflection is encouraged. Here, I got the environment where I could improve my spoken English. My confidence in speaking English has increased just because of the competitions held in the school. The location of the school is also very good. So I really feel happy to be a part of this school.  Thanks.
Gursimran Kaur
Class 12th Non-Medical
I am in Eklavya School, Jalandhar since LKG. My mother was very protective about me , and she was looking for a school where the teachers were protective and caring. Eklavya School was the best option. Eklavya School has transformed my nature from a shy to a confident person. I have a great interest in music. I wanted to learn tabla and Eklavya School made my wish come true. There are many good things about my school. The best thing about my school is that here each and every student gets a proper opportunity. He gets an opportunity to develop his area of interest. Every student gets personal attention. We have a lot of co scholastic activities that develop the skills of the students. The teachers here are very intelligent, supportive and always guide us in the right way. Now I am in 12th Std. and this is my last year in the school. These 14 years will be the most special, memorable and significant in my life. I will miss my school and my teachers a lot.
Rishabh Ganesh
Class 12th Commerce
I am studying in Eklavya School since 1st Std. It is my 12th year in this school and the experience till date has been great! I was initially very shy and reserved. I also didn’t have much confidence. But my school gave me exposure and pushed me to try everything. Gradually, I gained confidence & started participating and volunteering for activities. In the school, I shed many fears and developed various interests. I overcame my stage fear gradually when I started participating in debates, declamations etc. I now feel confident while I’m on stage and I thank my school and my teachers for this change in me. I have also been presented with multiple opportunities of participating in various Inter School Competitions. The teachers have always been supportive and still support me whenever I need help and guidance. In the end, I would like to say that I am fortunate that I got my Education from Eklavya School, Jalandhar where I have spent the best years of my life.
Class 12th Std.
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